what i want


when people ask me what I want

i think that i want them to know

i want them to pick the right books of poetry that let my eyes shine

i want them to take photos of us and pin them in an album

i want them to take me on adventures to make memories

i want to be loved and hugged and kissed and cared for

i want rain and fog on days where i don’t feel like going outside

i want sun when all i need is to wear sunglasses after a good cry in therapy

i want to let my eyes wander, find a cosy café and read a book

i want the energy to go out for dinner or run or dance

i want the room to grow and the world to exist on

i want plants to thrive under my care

i want to fail and not think about it twice

i want to be loved and kissed on the forehead

i want to be held if my world gives me nothing to hold onto anymore

i want to be heard and i want to listen

i want to feel everything and survive anything

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